About ViroGates

ViroGates is an international Medtech company headquartered in Denmark, north of Copenhagen, in the heart of Medicon Valley.

Group photo of the people working at ViroGates January 2020

ViroGates was founded in 2001, based on an invention coming from Hvidovre Hospital, Denmark. Inventor and co-founder Jesper Eugen-Olsen discovered the utility of the biomarker suPAR in HIV. More than 600 publications have followed, substantiating suPAR as one of the most promising biomarker tools for various areas of healthcare.

ViroGates has developed a product line called suPARnostic® to make the suPAR test available as a commercially available test and the ambition is to get the test implemented and used for clinical decision making.

ViroGates in Numbers

hospitals in 3 countries using suPAR in clinical routine
Hospitals evaluating suPAR for clinical routine
Employees in Denmark, Spain and France
Peer reviewed articles on suPAR
Global suPAR tests
Photo of Jakob Knudsen, Chief Executive Officer

“ViroGates aims to make a difference by empowering healthcare professionals in their clinical decision making, ultimately leading to improved patient care and reduced healthcare costs. We are committed to providing hospitals with high-quality prognostic biomarker products. I am proud of the accomplishments of our employees in spreading the suPAR message and look forward to continuing to make a positive impact on healthcare globally”

– Jakob Knudsen, CEO at ViroGates

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