Henrik Stender

Henrik Stender joined the board of ViroGates in august 2020.
Owner of Stender Diagnostics.

Education: M.Sc. in Chemical Engineering and Ph.D. in Immunology from Technical University of Denmark; B. Comm. in Business Informatics and Economics, Copenhagen Business School.

Competencies: 30 years of international experience with all aspects of development of innovative in vitro diagnostic (IVD) medical devices improving patient care; strong track-record of regulatory approvals, incl. +20 U.S. FDA clearances, covering infectious diseases, immune-monitoring and cancer; broad range of scientific management positions; inventor; founder; board member.

Directorships: • Visiopharm A/S (BM)

Shareholdings: Shares: 0  Warrants: 0

Henrik is independent of the issuer, major shareholders and senior management.

Lars Krogsgaard

Lars Krogsgaard joined the board of ViroGates in April 2016.
Professional board member and investor

Education: B.Sc. in Economics, Copenhagen Business School; MBA in Finance and International Business, Stern School of Business, New York.

Competencies: Track-record as active investor, owner and board member in more than 25 Nordic companies incl. other growth companies; strategic development; business development; risk management; financing, M&A.

Directorships: • Daintel ApS (BM) • DCR Solutions A/S (BM) • Forward Capital A/S (BM, M)
• 4AM ApS (M) • Samplix A/S (MB) • 6AM ApS (M)

Shareholdings: Shares: 325,965 Warrants: 0

Lars is not an independent director.

Jørgen Thorball

Jørgen Thorball founded ViroGates with Jesper Eugen-Olsen and Peter Benson in 2001.
Managing Partner at XOventure GmbH

Education: MD, University of Copenhagen

Competencies: Life science entrepreneur and founder of several companies, many of them based on his own medical inventions; management and board positions in listed blue-chip pharma companies; financing; M&A.

Directorships: • 3Brain AG (C) • BioMe AS (BM) • Retipharma A/S (BM) • Rigi Care (M)

Shareholdings: Shares: 10,204  Warrants: 21,970

Jørgen is independent of the issuer, major shareholders and senior management.

Lars Kongsbak

Lars Kongsbak joined ViroGates in February 2015 as Chairman of the Board.
President and CEO of Samplix ApS

Education: M.Sc. in Biology, Copenhagen University; Ph.D. in molecular biology from the Technical University of Denmark (DTU)

Competencies: Former President & CEO of listed biopharmaceutical company; strategic business development; M&A; financing, broad-based leadership experience; senior scientist positions at blue-chip companies.

Directorships: • BlueBee Holding BV (BM)

Shareholdings: Shares: 3,468 Warrants: 43,940

Lars is independent of the issuer, major shareholders and senior management.