suPARnostic® is the only CE-IVD certified product range applied for clinical assessment of suPAR levels in human plasma and serum. 

Implementing suPARnostic® enables healthcare professionals to make fast clinical decisions based on prognostic evidence across diseases.

Help reduce crowding, stress, hospital costs and improve patient outcomes

Make better-informed clinical decisions by implementing suPAR in triage in your Emergency Department.

Support your hospital’s initiative to reduce crowding, the stress of hospital staff, healthcare costs and improve patient outcomes. That is achievable through implementation of the suPARnostic® biomarker test in your laboratory.

suPARnostic® TurbiLatex is validated for all major automated clinical chemistry analyzers. It fits existing hospital workflows, enabling seamless implementation in clinical biochemistry departments and core laboratories.

High quality results in minutes

A short turnaround time is key to optimizing clinical decision making and allowing timely patient care. suPARnostic® can improve the patient turnaround time and provide highquality prognostic results.

A suPAR level <4 ng/mL indicates a good prognosis and supports the decision to discharge the patient.

A suPAR level >6 ng/mL indicates the presence, progression, and severity of disease, organ damage, and mortality risk and supports further clinical attention.

Documented by 900+ publications

Here you can find a short summary of the research done on suPAR within 12 groups of disease areas and see how the suPAR level is affected within each type of disease.

“The key challenge for the emergency department is to identify ill patients faster, make diagnoses faster, find the right specialist faster and initiate the right treatment faster.”

MD, Chief Physician Inger Søndergaard, Herlev Hospital, Copenhagen

Early anakinra treatment of COVID-19 patients guided by suPAR saves lives

Get our whitepaper about the study results and read more about how an early start of anakinra treatment guided by suPAR provides 2.78 times better improvement of overall clinical status in moderate and severe COVID-19 pneumonia.


published suPAR studies in leading medical journals

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