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Eliminate doubt in clinical decisions

suPARnostic® is the only CE-IVD certified product range applied for clinical determination of suPAR in human plasma and serum. It enables healthcare professionals to make fast clinical decisions based on prognostic evidence across diseases.

A low suPAR level indicates a good prognosis and supports the decision to discharge the patient.
A high suPAR level indicates presence, progression and severity of disease, organ damage and risk of mortality, and supports further clinical attention.

Help reduce crowding, stress and hospital costs

Support your hospital’s desire to streamline processes and keep the turnaround time short by introducing the suPARnostic® biomarker test on your clinical chemistry instrument.

suPARnostic® can be run from the Clinical Biochemistry Department or core labs with no additional steps involved.
It delivers automated transfer of test results via HIS/LIS, thus you can help your colleagues to reduce crowding, stress and hospital costs.

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Documented by 600+ publications

Here you can find a short summary of the research done on suPAR within 12 groups of disease areas and see how the suPAR level is affected within each type of disease.

suPAR Publications
Disease Areas

“The key challenge for the ER is to identify ill patients faster, make diagnoses faster, find the right specialist faster and initiate the right treatment faster.”

MD, Chief Physician Inger Søndergaard, Herlev Hospital, Copenhagen

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