General Practitioner

The value of suPAR for the General Practitioner

With the suPARnostic® prognosis for risk of disease progression there is now a reliable tool to aid in prioritizing patients. Identifying a patient’s suPARnostic® level upon presentation to hospitals or a General Practitioner’s office will enable physicians to assess which patients require immediate attention and further testing in order to ensure timely treatment.

The suPAR level is associated with presence, severity and progression of disease, and in unselected patients, suPAR is one of the strongest prognostic biomarkers available to date.

Medical staff discussing over medical reports in hospital

suPARnostic® as a predictor of lifestyle related events

For lifestyle related events several published studies show that:

• Elevated suPARnostic® levels prognosticate an underlying health problem

• Lifestyle impacts the suPARnostic® level

• Without intervention individuals with high suPAR levels are at high risk of developing cardiovascular diseases, type-2 diabetes, cancer etc.

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Improve patient care

Up to 22% reduction in hospital admissions1 and up to 6% reduction in hospital length-of-stay per patient2

Reduce healthcare costs

Up to €100-380 savings per admission depending on medical specialty and geography3