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The value of suPAR for the General Practitioner

With the suPARnostic® prognosis for risk of disease progression there is now a reliable tool to aid in prioritizing patients. Identifying a patient’s suPARnostic® level upon presentation to hospitals or a General Practitioner’s office will enable physicians to assess which patients require immediate attention and further testing in order to ensaure timely treatment.

The suPAR level is associated with presence, severity and progression of disease, and in unselected patients, suPAR is one of the strongest prognostic biomarkers available to date.

suPARnostic® as a predictor of lifestyle related events

For lifestyle related events several published studies show that:

• Elevated suPARnostic® levels prognosticate an underlying health problem

• Lifestyle impacts the suPARnostic® level

• Without intervention individuals with high suPAR levels are at high risk of developing cardiovascular diseases, type-2 diabetes, cancer etc.

How suPARnostic® works

Step 1

A patient is admitted to the ED for observation

Step 2

The patient’s blood sample is drawn

Step 3

The patient’s suPAR level is measured
(~20 minutes)

Step 4

The physician gets the result and makes a triage decision

suPAR is a significant independent predictor of mortality of ED patients

n = 4,343Patients dead after 30 daysPatients alive after 30 daysPPV/NPV
suPAR ≥6 ng/ml133509PPV
suPAR >3 and l771,580
suPAR ≤3 ng/ml142,030NPV
(suPAR ≤3 versus
≥6 ng/ml)

Source: Rasmussen LJH, Ladelund S, Haupt TH, et al. Emerg Med J 2016;33:769-775

Documented by 700+ publications

suPAR is a prognostic tool that reflects the extent of activation of our immune system non-specific to any individual disease.

Here you can find a short summary of the research done on suPAR within 12 groups of disease areas and see how the suPAR level is affected within each type of disease.

“The key challenge for the ER is to identify ill patients faster, make diagnoses faster, find the right specialist faster and initiate the right treatment faster.”

MD, Chief Physician Inger Søndergaard, Herlev Hospital, Copenhagen


published suPAR studies in leading medical journals

The suPARnostic® brand consists of the following 3 products:

Photo of The suPARnostic® Quick Triage kit

Quick Triage

A Point of Care Solution

Photo of suPARnostic® TurbiLatex


For Automated Systems

Photo of suPARnostic® ELISA


Clinical and Research

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