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Shareholdings as of 31 December 2023

The following entities hold more than 5% of the share capital and the voting rights in ViroGates:

  • N. P. Louis-Hansen ApS (Niels Peter Louis-Hansen) holds 24,79% of the shares and 25.47% of the voting rights
  • Ginnerup Capital ApS (Kim Ginnerup) holds 10.63% of the shares and 10.92% of the voting rights
  • 4AM ApS (Lars Krogsgaard, Board member) holds 10.63% of the shares and 10.92% of the voting rights
  • Aetas Healthcare ApS (Thomas Gielsgaard Hargreave) holds 5.95% of the shares and 6.12% of the voting rights

Governance documents

Articles of association

Appendix 1 and 2 to Articles of association

Appendix 3 to Articles of association

Remuneration policy and guidelines for incentive pay


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Point-of-care finger prick

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