suPARnostic® eliminates doubt and supports your clinical decisions to discharge or admit patients based on prognostic evidence.

Discharge more patients

suPAR is a prognostic biomarker that reflects the extent of activation of the immune system non-specific to any individual disease.

Implementing suPARnostic® in acute clinical care allows you to identify 34%1 more patients who can be discharged. This reduces crowding and leads to lower healthcare costs.

A low suPAR level (under 4 ng/ml) indicates a good prognosis and supports the decision to discharge the patient.

A high suPAR level (over 6 ng/ml) indicates the presence, progression, and severity of disease, organ damage, mortality risk and supports further clinical attention.

* Ref. 2016 EMJ Rasmussen et al.

Empowering clinical decisions

The guide to using suPAR to support your clinical decisions5

Trifold suPAR algoritm

Documented by 900+ peer-reviewed publications

Here you can find a summary of the research done on suPAR within different disease areas.

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Improve patient outcomes and lower healthcare costs

Prognostic, data-based risk stratification increases the efficiency of the emergency department and improves patient outcomes3,4.

Implementing suPARnostic® shortens the average patient length-of-stay by 6%* per patient and reduces crowding and hospital costs.2

The key challenge for the emergency department is to identify ill patients faster, make diagnoses faster, find the right specialist faster and initiate the right treatment faster.

– MD, Chief Physician Inger Søndergaard, Herlev Hospital, Copenhagen

Early anakinra treatment of COVID-19 patients guided by suPAR saves lives

Get our whitepaper about the study results and read more about how an early start of anakinra treatment guided by suPAR provides 2.78 times better improvement of overall clinical status in moderate and severe COVID-19 pneumonia.

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4. Soluble urokinase plasminogen activator receptor (suPAR) in acute care: a strong marker of disease presence and severity, readmission and mortality. A retrospective cohort study. Rasmussen et al. Emerg Med J 2016;33:769–775. doi:10.1136/emermed-2015-205444
5. Velissaris, D., (2020). Prognostic role of soluble urokinase plasminogen activator receptor at the emergency department: a position paper by the Hellenic sepsis study group. Infectious diseases and therapy, 9, 407-416.


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