Hospital cost savings potential using suPARnostic® in the ED

Do you want to calculate you hospital Cost Savings using suPARnostic®? Feel free to use this tool that will give you an estimation of how beneficial implementing suPAR in triage can be.

The total estimated net hospital cost savings potential for is:

including the cost of suPARnostic® tests at approximately €20 per patient test ( in total*).

How do we reach this result?

A study has shown that using suPARnostic® to support triage in the emergency department can lead to 22% more discharges1.

The pre-filled data on cost per inpatient bed day (primary hospital) is based on WHO data adjusted by inflation. The pre-filled data on average hospital length-of-stay in days is based on Eurostat data for European countries or national statistics elsewhere.

The calculation is based on the following equation:

Total hospital cost savings potential = (Annual ED admissions * Average cost per inpatient bed day * Average hospital bed days per admission * Reduction in admission – (Annual ED admissions * €20 per suPARnostic® test)

In addition to 22% more discharges, the average hospital length-of-stay can be reduced by 6%2 when using suPARnostic®. To keep things simple, this is not included in the calculations.

* Excluding controls and calibrations for suPARnostic® TurbiLatex.
1 Schultz et al., Scandinavian Journal of Trauma, Resuscitation and Emergency Medicine, 2019, 27:43.
2 Schultz et al., Disease Markers, 2019, 10;1-8.

Want to re-calculate your cost savings potential?

If you want to change the values of your input or the assumptions, please use the calculator below:

Hospital cost savings using suPARnostic® to support triaging in the ED


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