Hospital Administration and suPARnostic®

As a part of the Hospital Administration your challenge is to provide increasingly better healthcare with a tighter budget every year.

This is where applying the suPAR test can help. Not only will an improved risk stratification of patients coming to the Emergency Room enable better and more focussed care for the patient, the medium and high risk patients will also get the help they need sooner due to the fast results available from the suPARnostic® test.

Being able to prioritize finding the right treatment for the high risk patients first will also be a budget wise exercise as some patients may be able to wait at home before coming in for further examination. So with the suPARnostic® test you have an opportunity to revise your current system to meet your goals for a better healthcare, while you start managing your budget even better.

Did you only admit the patients who were at a medium to high Risk?
*the data in this figure is based on a survey with a handful of anonymous hospitals and may differ from, what your institution is experiencing.

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