Improve clinical trial efficiency

suPAR is a stable, unspecific biomarker across diseases.

Implementing suPAR-guided patient selection and stratification process in clinical trials shortens trials length by enrolling patients faster, reduces costs by including fewer patients and improves accuracy of results by treating the right patients.

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Improve trial results

by treating the right patients
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Shorten trial length

by enrolling patients faster
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Reduce trial cost

by including fewer patients to obtain sufficient power

We measure suPAR through blood tests – an inflammatory biomarker that predicts negative patient outcomes​


suPAR is a naturally occurring protein in human blood​

suPAR reflects the immune system’s activation level​

suPAR predicts negative patient outcomes across diseases

suPAR is a stable, unspecific biomarker across diseases​

​Example diseases areas supported by strong scientific evidence ​

Elevated suPAR reasons

Two similar COVID-19 studies show the effect of using suPAR for patient selection​

Unguided anakinra treatment of COVID-19 patients
Illustration of suPAR-guided anakinra treatment of COVID-19 patients​

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published suPAR studies in leading medical journals

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