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Better risk stratification and lower hospital costs

The suPARnostic® test provides improved risk stratification of all patients in the Emergency Department.
This allows the staff to discharge more non-acute patients earlier, to reduce stress, crowding and hospital costs. It also generates more time for the staff to focus on high-risk patients, enabling them to provide even better clinical care.

Eliminate doubt in clinical decisions

suPARnostic® is the only CE-IVD certified product range applied for clinical determination of suPAR in human plasma and serum. It enables Healthcare Professionals to make fast clinical decisions based on prognostic evidence across diseases.

A low suPAR level indicates a good prognosis and supports the decision to discharge the patient.
A high suPAR level indicates presence, progression and severity of disease, organ damage and risk of mortality, and supports further clinical attention.

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Documented by 600+ publications

Here you can find a short summary of the research done on suPAR within 12 groups of disease areas and see how the suPAR level is affected within each type of disease.

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