Mon Jun 08 2020

ViroGates is awarded a 6.6 DKKm EU Horizon 2020 grant for a project to optimize hospital ressources and ensure early therapeutic intervention for COVID‐19 patients based on suPARnostic®. The grant will support the efforts of better clinical risk stratification of patients at the emergency departments with symptoms from COVID‐19.

The aim of the project is to identify low‐risk patients who can be discharged earlier than today and to identify patients that will benefit from early clinical intervention based on two therapeutic drugs.

Furthermore, the grant will cover steps for ViroGates to bring some of the manufacturing of suPARnostic® TurbiLatex to Europe, improving the company’s supply chain.

Studies have previously shown that suPARnostic® has a very high negative predictive value (ability to guide discharge of patients without risk progression of the disease), and data from another COVID‐19 drug study suggest that early intervention is pivotal for the ability to help patients fight the effects of COVID‐19 disease.

Jakob Knudsen, CEO of ViroGates, says:
”We are very happy that the EU has decided to back our efforts in supporting medical professionals’ difficult decisions concerning the discharge of patients with a severe disease such as COVID‐19. For discharge decisions of COVID‐19 patients, this should include a low risk of respiratory failure where suPARnostic® has proven to be a strong prognostic biomarker with a high negative predictive value.

Furthermore, we look forward to helping the guidance of therapeutic intervention based on drugs in development for treatment of COVID‐19. We know that a successful outcome is directly related to early treatment intervention, and prioritisation of these drugs is pivotal due to cost and potential side effects.”


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