New suPARnostic® Distributor in Serbia

Wed Feb 21 2018

We warmly welcome Alura Med. as the new distributor of suPARnostic® in Serbia. This partnership is a significant step towards providing advanced medical solutions to Serbian healthcare. With Alura Med.’s expertise, we’re confident that suPARnostic® will reach more professionals and patients, advancing medical diagnostics.

Alura Med.’s dedication to quality aligns with our mission. suPARnostic®, an innovative biomarker test, offers insights for disease assessment and prognosis. Supported by Alura Med.’s distribution network, we empower Serbian healthcare with tools for better patient care.

This collaboration makes suPARnostic® accessible in Serbia, enabling early detection and informed interventions for improved outcomes. With Alura Med., we anticipate enhancing diagnostics and contributing to better healthcare in Serbia.

Please find contact details here:

Alura med.
Resavska 78b
11000 Belgrade

Contact: Katarina Djordjevic
Phone: +381 64 64 32 449



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suPARnostic POC+


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