Collaborating for Medical Innovation – Interlux Group and ViroGates Forge Path in the Baltic Region

Fri Jan 24 2020

Interlux Group, headquartered in Vilnius, Lithuania, has been a steadfast presence in the medical technology sector for over a quarter of a century. Specializing in the distribution of diagnostic products, they boast partnerships with industry giants like Becton Dickinson, DiaSorin, and QIAGEN. With a workforce exceeding 100 individuals, Interlux serves as a vital conduit for bringing cutting-edge medical solutions to the Baltic states.

CEO Jakob Knudsen expressed his satisfaction with the collaboration, acknowledging Interlux’s pivotal role as the premier distributor of diagnostic goods in the Baltic region. He highlighted Interlux’s invaluable insights and relationships, noting their effectiveness in facilitating engagements with hospitals across the Baltics. He expressed optimism about the prospects of integrating ViroGates’ products into the region’s healthcare landscape with the support of such an experienced local partner.

Dr. Audrius Matuzevicius, CEO of Interlux Group, reciprocated the sentiment, emphasizing their enthusiasm for the newly forged agreement with ViroGates. He  announced the availability of suPARnostic®, a diagnostic tool designed to aid emergency medicine in the Baltics. He praised suPARnostic® as a valuable asset for refining triage algorithms in hospitals. Matuzevicius cited the positive reception of suPARnostic® at the recent Laboratory Medicine Conference in Vilnius, underscoring its potential to revolutionize healthcare practices in the region. Interlux is poised to harness this potential and eagerly anticipates implementing suPARnostic® in hospitals across their jurisdiction.

This collaboration marks a significant step forward in the advancement of medical technology in the Baltic region. With their extensive experience and established network, Interlux is well-positioned to introduce ViroGates’ innovative diagnostic solutions to hospitals and healthcare facilities.  Dr. Audrius Matuzevicius echoes this sentiment, expressing excitement about the prospects of implementing suPARnostic® in emergency medicine and beyond.


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