The Danish health-magazine Helse has in their May edition an article on suPAR and its great potential;
“Blodtest med Store Perspektiver” – see link here (in Danish).

The article talks about suPAR and its ability to find different diseases even before the patient is ill, and also its potential to help patients take preventive actions if they see that their suPAR level is too high – and thus live a more healthy life with more physical activity, more healthy diet, less smoking etc. – to bring their suPAR level down.


Dr. Jesper Eugen-Olsen is interviewed and talks about the biomarkers routine use in Hvidovre Hospital, Denmark.

Dr. Martin Schultz talks about the big TRIAGE III study being caried out at the moment, a randomised multicentre intervention study where 10.000 patients will be suPAR measured at different hospitals in the Copenhagen region from January – June 2016.