Advancing Patient Care: suPAR Test Integration in Danish Hospitals

Thu Jan 02 2020

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suPARnostic TurbiLatex test will now be available for clinical decision making at Sygehus Lillebaelts two hospitals in Kolding and Vejle, Denmark. Both hospitals use the cobas system from Roche Diagnostics, an instrument line that was validated by ViroGates for use of the suPARnostic TurbiLatex test earlier this year.

The two hospitals have a total of 360 beds and sees a variety of medical and surgical patients.The two hospitals are both part of Hospital Lillebaelt and along with Middelfart hospital, the group is the second largest hospital unit in Region Syddanmark.

In total the group has an uptake population of approximately 300,000 persons. The majority of acute care functions are handled at Kolding Hospital. Sygehus Lillebaelt is the overall administrative unit for the three hospitals.

Senior hospital physician, PhD Claus Lohman Brasen, Dept. of Biochemistry and Immunology, Lillebaelt Hospital, says:
”In the beginning of 2020 Lillebaelt Hospital will introduce the suPAR-analysis from ViroGates as part of a large intensified diagnostic effort using a complete laboratory package initially including more than 100 tests. Artificial intelligence will be used to develop new standards for laboratory admittance protocols for emergency patients.

The suPARnostic® TurbiLatex assay will be analysed on the Roche Cobas c502 system in our centralized laboratory facilities, in order to provide quick and reliable results in less than one hour from patient sampling to results in the hands of the clinicians. This is possible due to the generally automated laboratory facility using GLP-track as well as tempus600 transportation.”

CEO Jakob Knudsen, ViroGates, says in a comment:
”We are excited that two more hospitals in Denmark have decided to use the suPARnostic® TurbiLatex test as part of their tools to help guide patient triage and treatment.

Vejle and Kolding hospitals stress the importance of getting quick and reliable results to help guide clinical decisions. This underpins the solidity of our new product as well as the ability to integrate with other hospital systems such as automated handling of blood samples.”


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