New data show suPAR as a risk biomarker of Acute Kidney Injury in New England Journal of Medicine

Thu Jan 30 2020

A study published in the New England Journal of Medicine on Jan. 30, by Hayek Salim S. et al, reveals that high levels of soluble urokinase receptor (suPAR) are linked to incident acute kidney injury across multiple patient groups. Hayek emphasizes the significance of this finding, stating that it offers a promising avenue for preventing acute kidney injury, a condition that commonly leads to increased morbidity and healthcare expenses.

According to Hayek, routinely measuring suPAR levels in clinics could aid in early detection of kidney disease, which is often asymptomatic in its initial stages, leading to irreversible damage by the time conventional diagnostic methods confirm its presence.

Furthermore, Hayek suggests that identifying individuals at high risk of disease progression or kidney-related procedural complications could be facilitated by monitoring suPAR levels, thereby enabling targeted interventions to mitigate these risks. This approach could also streamline the approval process for cardiac surgery and other critical procedures for individuals with lower kidney injury risk based on suPAR levels.

The study findings, which relied on suPARnostic® products from ViroGates, Denmark, were discussed in an editorial by Prof. Frank Tacke in the New England Journal of Medicine. Tacke underscores the importance of risk prediction for acute kidney injury and suggests that suPAR could serve as a valuable biomarker, potentially paving the way for new preventive strategies in the future.

Tacke also highlights the potential role of suPAR in the pathogenesis of acute kidney injury, emphasizing that elevated suPAR levels should prompt thorough investigations into underlying conditions rather than simply being viewed as a risk indicator for acute kidney injury. This comprehensive approach, Tacke believes, is essential for accurately assessing patient prognosis and guiding clinical management.

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