Milestone Achieved: ViroGates Completes suPARnostic® TurbiLatex for Roche Diagnostics cobas c500 and c700 Series

Tue Feb 26 2019

We’re excited to share a major accomplishment by ViroGates: the successful development and regulatory approval of the suPARnostic® TurbiLatex product in collaboration with Roche Diagnostics.

This product, utilizing latex particle-enhanced turbidimetric immunoassay, promises transformative benefits for immunochemical analysis in European hospitals.

Roche’s cobas c500 and c700 series are widely respected instruments, recognized for their accurate immunochemical analysis. These instruments are used globally, capable of conducting up to 1,000 tests per hour.

The suPARnostic® TurbiLatex integration into the cobas series brings automation to blood sample handling in clinical chemistry labs. This development expands testing capabilities across the Roche Diagnostic cobas series.

Moreover, ViroGates is actively working on validating this technology on other turbidimetric platforms, indicating a broader impact on the horizon.

In summary, the completion of suPARnostic® TurbiLatex development for Roche Diagnostics cobas c500 and c700 series is a significant advancement. This collaboration paves the way for enhanced diagnostic accuracy and efficiency, with global implications for patient care. Expect more from ViroGates as they continue their pioneering work in medical diagnostics.


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