Thu Nov 26 2020

Mikkeli Central Hospital has decided to implement suPARnostic® TurbiLatex in clinical routine, making them the first clinical routine customer in Finland. Mikkeli is the central hospital in Mikkeli and has an uptake population of about 100,000 inhabitants and approx. 200 beds.

The implementation has followed a process of pilot use of the suPARnostic® TurbiLatex product in a large cohort of approx. 1,700 patients. The Hospital has decided to implement suPARnostic® TurbiLatex immediately to broadly improve triage in the emergency department.

Some of their study’s crucial findings include that patients below 4 ng/ml have a low risk of mortality with a NPV of 99,3% and a sensitivity of 92,6%. A suPAR level above 6 ng/ml calls for clinical attention, as the PPV was found to be 11.6% with a specificity of 77.4%.

suPAR added additional value to sex, age and CRP levels, and for every doubling of suPAR, the 90-day mortality increased with 96%.

Watch the whole presentation by Mikkeli hospital to learn more about the results.

Swedish provider of health tests will now be using our QuickTriage product

Unrelated to the above,a Swedish provider of health tests, has decided to incorporate suPARnostic® Quick Triage in the standard panel of offerings to its corporate health test clients. The customer offers a range of health tests based on physiological and biological parameters to its clients in Sweden.This account will use suPARnostic® Quick Triage.

Jakob Knudsen, Chief Executive Officer of ViroGates, says:”We are excited to announce our first clinical routine customer in Finland. We have worked with Mikkeli Central Hospital over a period of time to illustrate the value suPARnostic® has in triage in the central hospital system in general.We are happy that this pilot use study has been so convincing,that our customer has decided to implement our products rapidly,and in anticipation of the publication of the outcome. Along with the customer we look forward to the publication of the results and will now get the first commercial shipment sent off, for use on the hospitals’ Roche cobas system. Furthermore we, also today, received the first order from a customer from a different segment –the corporate health screening market. This is a new market that has seen the benefits of measuring the inflammation levels of workers in larger organisations in Sweden. We are really excited that this segment is also picking up on the value of suPARnostic®. We believe that this market has a very promising future with more and more people being interested in taking control of their health status and proactively react upon this.”


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