New Journal “suPAR News” No.1, 2019 is on the street!

Fri Jun 07 2019

Read the new Journal “suPAR News” No.1, 2019 with 10 interesting articles and interviews from around Europe!

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pdfsuPAR News No. 1, 2019

Among others, read the articles

  • “suPAR: An important tool in acute care”, where Dr. Ariel Lindo and Dr Miguel Callejas, General Hospital Villarrobledo Albacette, Spain have finalized testing suPAR on 200 patients in the ED.““The usefulness of suPAR in the ED decision making is not only validated via the literature but also via the test we have carried out just now; and we have found that suPAR is surely an important prognostic tool for the ED”
    says Dr Lindo.
    “Yes, in the moment when one is deciding about discharging a patient, the support we get from knowing the suPAR value is important adds Dr Callejas.
  • “Heads up: The heat is on in Spain”, where Dr. PhD Juan Gonzalez del Castillo from the ED of Hospital Clinico San Carlos in Madrid, one of Spain´s leading hospitals, is heading a suPAR project.“It is essential to have the help of biomarkers, such as suPAR, which can support the discharge decision and give us the confidence that we are doing the right thing” says Dr. PhD Juan Gonzalez del Castillo and continues …

    “Patients evaluated in the ED are increasingly complex, older, and with more accumulated comorbidities, which translate into atypical clinical presentations complicating the decision-making.
    For this reason, it is essential to have the help of biomarkers, such as suPAR, which can support the discharge decision and give us the confidence that we are doing the right thing.

    Four hospitals in the regions Asturias, Basque Country, Aragon and Madrid are setting up a suPAR pilot to try out the new turbidimetric method of measuring suPAR called TurbiLatex on their cobas analysers.

  • “Speed and efficiency: TurbiLatex sets a new standard for suPAR” about the new suPAR test TurbiLatex, measured on a turbidimetric platform – and what this method is all about.
  • Read these articles and many more in the first issue of “suPAR News” here:
    pdfsuPAR News No. 1, 2019

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