New study confirms the prognostic role of suPAR with high negative predictive value in the ED

Tue May 12 2020

Research by the Hellenic Sepsis Study Group confirms the significance of suPAR as a rule-out marker with high negative predictive value, concluding that suPAR levels under 4 ng/mL support a safe discharge decision after clinical evaluation. The Position Paper was published in  Infectious Diseases and Therapy by Velissaris D. et al.

In light of the accumulating evidence on the negative predictive value of soluble urokinase plasminogen activator receptor (suPAR), a group of experts from the fields of intensive care medicine, emergency medicine, internal medicine and infectious diseases has framed a position statement on the role of suPAR in the screening of patients admitted to the emergency department.

The main content of this statement is that suPAR is a non-specific marker associated with a high negative predictive value for unfavourable outcomes;levels < 4 ng/mL indicate that it is safe to discharge the patient, whereas levels > 6 ng/mL are an alarming sign of risk for unfavourable outcomes.
The suPAR levels should always be interpreted in light of the patient’s history.

Early risk detection is the main purpose of personnel committed to the triage of patients admitted to the emergency department (ED) of all secondary and tertiary hospitals. Successful triage may affect final outcomes.

The difficulty to triage often increases when clinical signs and symptoms are subtle or unspecific. Therefore, the group decided to frame a position paper on the role of suPAR in the early detection of risk of unfavourable outcome for patients admitted to the ED.

The following statement regarding the utility of suPAR for patients admitted to the ED was made:

Read the paper by Velissaris D et al here
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