With the new suPARnostic® AUTO Flex ELISA kit, ViroGates has extended its product line with a new ELISA kit for Clinical Routine Triage use.

ViroGates today announced that John J. Reddington, Chief Operation Officer of Cambridge Biomedical Inc., was appointed to the company’s board of directors, increasing the number of board members to 7.

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ViroGates has received notification from the European Patent Office that Patent application 07858108.9 Solubleurokinase plasminogen activator receptor (suPAR) as predictive marker for cardiovascular disease will be granted.

The Fund has been established to give commercial products the final support to be implemented by users. The Grant has a value of approx. 400,000 Euro and will be spent to expand ViroGates’ existing clinical collaboration with Hvidovre Hospital, by investing into further development work related to state-of-the-art instrument platforms for suPARnostic® and into analysis of health economic benefits from its clinical application at the Hospital. 

"suPAR for Risk Prediction in Patients Admitted with Acute Chest Pain"

ViroGates and Hvidovre University Hospital (Copenhagen, Denmark) have agreed that suPAR will be measured in the acute care medical department of the hospital as part of the process of assessing disease severity and triaging of patients.

Hvidovre University Hospital*, Denmark is implementing the suPAR biomarker as part of their new screening program for optimized patient identification and treatment. A simple physical test in connection with suPAR will help physicians to simplify efforts to identify the right patients for admission into the hospital, furthermore will the addition of suPAR help to introduce more objective parameters for triaging patients into the hospital.