ViroGates announces that the development and regulatory approval of the suPARnostic® TurbiLatex product for Roche Diagnostics cobas c502 has been completed.

c502 is one of the most used clinical chemistry modules for photometric assay tests, such as suPAR, in large, central hospital laboratories across Europe. ViroGates’ suPARnostic® TurbiLatex product was initially developed and approved for the Roche Diagnostics cobas C 111 analyzer.

suPARnostic® TurbiLatex enables automatic handling of blood samples at clinical chemistry laboratories, such as central hospital laboratories. Thus, hospitals can now run suPARnostic® on their standard instruments with no additional hands on work or procedures, and test results are reported to the emergency departments in the same manner as other blood parameters.

Doctors at Emergency Departments can now, with the suPAR test result along with other blood parameters, use the result to help decide if the patient should be admitted to the ER or can be discharged.