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suPAR: An exciting biomarker of systemic chronic inflammation.

suPAR provides a more stable biomarker of systemic chronic inflammation than CRP or IL-6 and is less subject to the influence of acute infection and environmental exposures.

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Exposure to adverse life experiences associates with increased morbidity and mortality from a range of diseases in later life. Growing evidence suggests that systemic inflammation may contribute to these relationships, with early childhood adversity and stressful life experiences in adulthood.

Higher suPAR levels predict poorer prognosis across conditions, accelerated biological aging, and mortality both in clinical and healthy populations. In sum, suPAR is recognized as a nonspecific marker of systemic chronic inflammation that is common to many inflammatory diseases and may serve as a marker of health risk in the general population.

Conclusion: suPAR is an exciting biomarker that may provide a more stable measure of systemic chronic inflammation and supplement more traditional markers of inflammation in the prediction of health risk.


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suPAR is used in clinical routine in 48 hospitals

48 hospitals use suPAR in clinical routine for triage of patients in the Emergency Departments and COVID-19 units. Clinical routine is defined by the placement of two Purchasing Orders within the last 12 months rolling.
This period covers January 1, 2022, until December 31, 2022. Some hospital locations cannot be disclosed due to confidentiality.

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