Thu Aug 26 2021

suPAR: An exciting biomarker of systemic chronic inflammation.

SuPAR stands as a superior biomarker for systemic chronic inflammation compared to CRP or IL-6, thanks to its resilience against acute infection and environmental factors. Life’s adverse experiences have been linked to higher disease rates and mortality later in life.

supar measures chronic inflammation

Research increasingly indicates that systemic inflammation could play a key role in this linkage, particularly inflammation stemming from childhood adversity or adult stress.

Notably, elevated suPAR levels often signal a worse prognosis across various conditions, point towards quicker biological aging, and increase mortality risks in both sick and healthy individuals. Essentially, suPAR acts as a broad marker for systemic chronic inflammation prevalent in numerous inflammatory diseases and might be a valuable health risk indicator for the broader population.

In conclusion, suPAR emerges as a promising biomarker, offering a more consistent measure of systemic chronic inflammation. It potentially enhances the predictive accuracy of traditional inflammation markers in assessing health risks.


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