Thu Apr 30 2020

A study published in Critical Care by Nikoletta Rovina, MD, Ph.D., and colleagues highlights the significant role of suPAR (soluble urokinase plasminogen activator receptor) in managing COVID-19. The study finds suPAR as an early indicator for the risk of severe respiratory failure in COVID-19 patients. By measuring the baseline level of suPAR, healthcare providers can predict the severity of COVID-19 outcomes. This prediction helps in deciding whether patients should quarantine at home or need hospital admission.

Early symptoms of the illness, such as low-degree fever or flu-like symptoms, vary among patients. While some experience mild or moderate disease, others may face severe respiratory failure requiring mechanical ventilation. The study investigates if suPAR levels at admission can forecast the development of severe respiratory failure.

The research, involving COVID-19 patients from Greece and the Emergency Department of Rush University Medical Center in the USA, follows patients for 14 days post-admission. Findings reveal that patients with suPAR levels above 6 ng/ml at admission are 16 times more likely to suffer from respiratory failure compared to those with levels below 6 ng/ml.

In conclusion, measuring the baseline plasma suPAR level effectively differentiates between mild and severe COVID-19 infection outcomes. This differentiation assists in making informed decisions about patient care, determining who can safely stay at home and who requires hospitalization.

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