Thu Apr 27 2023

suPAR assay in clinical routine: evaluation one year after introduction in high automation core lab of the A. Gemelli hospital

The recent article in Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine presents an in-depth look at “suPAR implementation at Gemelli Hospital” in Rome, Italy, highlighting its broad application beyond just COVID-19 cases. This pioneering initiative at Gemelli Hospital showcases the strategic use of the suPAR biomarker to refine healthcare processes, aiming to deliver precise diagnostics and improve patient outcomes while efficiently managing healthcare costs. Through this focused approach, the hospital sets a benchmark in utilizing suPAR, demonstrating its value across various medical departments and conditions.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the A. Gemelli Hospital began incorporating suPAR in their laboratory routines, recognizing its value among other biomarkers in identifying patients at high risk for severe disease. This effort allowed for the safer and quicker discharge of those unlikely to develop serious conditions. They introduced the suPAR assay in March 2021, marking the hospital’s High Automation Core lab as the first in Italy to use suPAR in clinical routines, partly through the SAVE-MORE clinical trial. Initially available through ELISA methods and later through a point-of-care lateral flow assay, suPAR’s implementation faced challenges due to its novelty in clinical settings.

Following its successful application during the pandemic, the hospital expanded suPAR’s use to include various medical departments, recognizing its potential in risk stratification across diverse clinical scenarios beyond infectious diseases. This broader implementation reflects the test’s growing appreciation among clinicians, supported by evidence of its utility in improving patient outcomes across a range of conditions.

The article concludes that suPAR’s integration into routine clinical workflows has significantly aided healthcare professionals in making informed clinical decisions, thus enhancing patient care and outcomes. This progression highlights suPAR’s evolution from a tool used primarily for managing COVID-19 to a valuable biomarker for assessing patient risk and guiding treatment across various medical fields.

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