Tue Mar 23 2021

suPAR on DR2

Our CEO Jakob Knudsen participated in an experiment for the Danish TV channel DR2, where he and a few others tested Wim Hof’s techniques, consisting of cold baths and breathing exercises that should strengthen the immune system.

They also tested the implications on inflammation and the suPAR level.

About the program:

Bio-Hacking is a trend that has emerged in Denmark in recent years. It means actively taking responsibility for your health and improving your immune system.

Among other things, bio-hacking focuses on respiration and cold baths and is a trend that attracts doctors, researchers, and others.

In the program “Træk vejret med DR2”, our CEO Jakob Knudsen and a few other participants such as the Danish actress Anne Sofie Espersen try to improve their immune system through breathing exercises and icy baths.

Watch the whole segment (in Danish) here


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