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suPAR measured using suPARnostic® TurbiLatex predicts critical illness and
kidney failure in patients admitted to the intensive care unit


This prospective cohort study aimed to describe the role and feasibility of the prognostic marker suPAR. Plasma suPAR levels were assessed by an immunoturbidimetric test as a prognostic marker together with the risk stratification tool, SOFA score, in patients admitted to a medical ICU.

Methods and patients

Plasma suPAR levels were measured on the turbidimetric assay suPARnostic® TurbiLatex kit after admission to the ICU in 237 unselected consecutive patients. The outcome was 28-day mortality.


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  • Median suPAR levels were 8.0 ng/mL [25th-75th percentile 4.3–14.4], with lower levels in ICU survivors than non-survivors (6.7 vs. 11.6 ng/mL, p <0.001).
  • CRP levels were not associated with survival.
  • suPAR levels were higher in COVID-19, kidney disease, moderate-to-severe liver disease, and sepsis.
  • ICU mortality increased by an odds ratio (OR) of 4.7 in patients with the highest compared to the lowest quartile suPAR.
  • ICU mortality was:
    • 2% in patients with SOFA score ≤7 & suPAR ≤8 ng/ mL
    • 17% in patients with a SOFA score ≤7 and >8 ng/ mL


suPAR was associated with ICU mortality and may offer the highest prognostic potential for risk stratification in moderately ill ICU patients (SOFA ≤7). suPAR was also a significant predictor for acute kidney injury occurrence.


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suPAR is used in clinical routine in 48 hospitals

48 hospitals use suPAR in clinical routine for triage of patients in the Emergency Departments and COVID-19 units. Clinical routine is defined by the placement of two Purchasing Orders within the last 12 months rolling.
This period covers January 1, 2022, until December 31, 2022. Some hospital locations cannot be disclosed due to confidentiality.

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