Bloodtest with Great Potential

Wed May 11 2016

The May edition of Helse, a Danish health magazine, features an article highlighting the remarkable potential of suPAR. Titled “Blodtest med Store Perspektiver” (Blood Test with Great Perspectives), the article explores the ability of suPAR to identify various diseases even before symptoms arise. Moreover, it emphasizes the importance of suPAR measurements in enabling patients to take preventive actions to improve their health.

In an interview, Dr. Jesper Eugen-Olsen discusses the routine use of suPAR biomarkers at Hvidovre Hospital in Denmark. This innovative approach allows for early detection and proactive management of patients’ health conditions.

Dr. Martin Schultz sheds light on the ongoing TRIAGE III study, a large-scale intervention study. Over 10,000 patients across different hospitals in the Copenhagen region will undergo suPAR measurements from January to June 2016. This study aims to further explore the potential applications of suPAR in clinical settings.

With suPAR, patients can proactively pursue healthier lifestyles, incorporating more physical activity, adopting healthier diets, and reducing smoking, thus lowering their suPAR levels.

By leveraging the power of suPAR as a biomarker, healthcare professionals and patients alike can work together to detect diseases early and implement preventive measures, leading to a healthier and more fulfilling life.

“Blodtest med Store Perspektiver” – see link here (in Danish).


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