ViroGates and QIAGEN Partner to Boost Hospital Diagnostics

Mon Aug 19 2019

ViroGates and QIAGEN are teaming up to launch suPARnostic® Quick Triage on QIAGEN’s automated Lateral Flow (aLF) platform. Under a distribution and license agreement, ViroGates will distribute QIAGEN’s aLF reader and has validated it for suPARnostic® Quick Triage, making it a CE-IVD approved instrument for the product.

suPARnostic QT and aLF reader

The suPARnostic® Quick Triage benefits from existing aLF reader placements and becomes part of the aLF reader’s test menu. This collaboration enhances hospital operations by leveraging the aLF reader’s features, including a bar code scanner, push-solutions for required software, and seamless integration into hospital laboratory management systems.

CEO Jakob Knudsen expresses enthusiasm, stating, “This step signifies a closer collaboration with QIAGEN, offering a superior product to our clinical customers. Hospitals can now conveniently run multiple tests on the reader, streamlining integration with existing lab information systems.”

This partnership facilitates a more robust offering for clinical customers, simplifying the testing process and enhancing overall efficiency in hospital settings. The aLF reader’s advanced features, such as the bar code scanner and seamless software integration, make it an invaluable tool for suPARnostic® Quick Triage, providing hospitals with a comprehensive solution for their diagnostic needs.

In conclusion, the ViroGates and QIAGEN collaboration marks a significant advancement in diagnostic capabilities for hospitals. The integration of suPARnostic® Quick Triage with QIAGEN’s aLF reader streamlines processes, ultimately benefitting clinical customers and enhancing the overall effectiveness of diagnostic procedures in hospital settings.


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