Clinical Implementation of suPARnostic® Quick Triage at 7 hospitals in Region Zealand, Denmark

Tue Mar 24 2020

suPARnostic® Quick Triage will now support clinical decision-making at seven hospitals in Region Zealand, Denmark. Initially, analyses will occur at Næstved Hospital’s clinical immunology department, with samples from the remaining six hospitals transported there daily.

The test will first aid in triaging patients suspected of having COVID-19 upon admission to the hospital. ViroGates previously provided free test kits to Danish hospitals for potential COVID-19 patients and will continue supplying Næstved Hospital with free kits for this purpose, as part of our commitment to combating the pandemic.

This implementation extends beyond COVID-19, offering general analysis services to the region’s seven hospitals: Næstved, Slagelse, Ringsted, Holbæk, Køge, Roskilde, and Nykøbing Sj, totaling 1677 beds excluding psychiatric wards. Acute care is available at Køge, Slagelse, and Nykøbing Sj hospitals.

After the initial rollout, ViroGates and other regional hospitals will assess the need for additional analysis capacity at local hospitals.

CEO Jakob Knudsen of ViroGates states, “We are proud to support our hospital system during these challenging times. Our suPAR measurements can aid in quickly identifying low and high-risk COVID-19 patients for appropriate management. We’re pleased Region Zealand has swiftly implemented suPARnostic® Quick Triage to combat the outbreak, initially providing our products at no cost. We’re also glad our products will continue to serve beyond COVID-19, assisting in assessing patients’ inflammatory disease status.”

Medical Director of Region Zealand, Ph.D. Keld M. Homburg, notes, “suPARnostic® Quick Triage is now accessible across all departments in our hospitals. Its implementation, expedited due to the COVID-19 pandemic, aims to meet clinical needs in evaluating patients with the disease. Additionally, it will serve all patients within regional hospitals for various diagnostic purposes, including assessing those with rheumatic diseases.”


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