Advancing Medical Diagnostics: suPARnostic® Gets Green Light for Trials in India

Wed Jun 06 2018

A significant stride in medical diagnostics is here with suPARnostic®, a pioneering product, gaining approval from New Delhi’s Central Drugs Standard Control Organisation. This approval, received through a May 2017-issued Form 10 license, marks the dawn of a new era in healthcare possibilities.

We extend our applause to Super Biotech Pvt Ltd, our esteemed distributor, whose dedicated efforts have been instrumental in achieving this milestone. Across distinguished Indian hospitals, trials for suPARnostic® are already underway, offering a glimpse of the transformative changes in patient care and diagnostic methods.

To ensure a smooth experience and better accessibility, Super Biotech Pvt Ltd has introduced a dedicated phone line (+91 11 45073677) exclusively for suPARnostic® inquiries. This strategic move showcases their commitment to providing complete support and guidance to the medical community throughout this groundbreaking journey.

suPARnostic® emerges as an innovation ready to redefine medical diagnostics in India and beyond. The Central Drugs approval, alongside ongoing trials, showcases the commitment and expertise of teams striving to bring this cutting-edge technology to the forefront of modern healthcare.

This juncture signifies the onset of a new era in medical diagnostics. suPARnostic® stands as a testament to how technological advancements can tangibly benefit patients, healthcare professionals, and systems at large. Stay tuned for more updates as suPARnostic® continues its trailblazing journey towards reshaping medical diagnostics.

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