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Fri May 18 2018

In a world grappling with rising healthcare costs, ViroGates is stepping up. The innovative medical technology company is fast-tracking its groundbreaking product, suPARnostic®, set to revolutionize patient care prioritization in emergency departments across the globe.

Following rigorous clinical validation and extensive studies involving over 300,000 patients, suPARnostic® is now being trialed in multiple European clinical emergency departments. This diagnostic tool could redefine healthcare.

Addressing the uphill battle of mounting healthcare spending globally, ViroGates empowers healthcare providers. Their tool assists in informed decisions on patient admissions and discharges, optimizing resource allocation within healthcare systems.

To lead the international clinical rollout of suPARnostic®, Dr. Thomas Krarup joins as Vice President of Sales & Marketing. His expertise ensures successful adoption in diverse clinical settings.

In this pivotal commercial phase, ViroGates explores diverse funding avenues. The goal? To fully unleash suPARnostic® in transforming patient care and resource distribution.

In conclusion, ViroGates pioneers healthcare innovation with suPARnostic®. This breakthrough technology reshapes patient care prioritization in emergency departments. With advanced diagnostics, the company paves the way for effective resource allocation globally. Dr. Thomas Krarup’s appointment and strategic funding efforts highlight ViroGates’ commitment to revolutionizing patient care.

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Please find the Danish article in MedWatch “Biotekselskab fra Birkerød ruller blodtest ud på europæiske hospitaler” here


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