ViroGates will provide Danish hospitals with free test kits during the COVID-19 crisis

Fri Mar 13 2020

Due to the current state of affairs regarding the COVID-19 crisis, ViroGates has decided to make our suPARnostic® products available free of charge to the Emergency Departments in Denmark.
By doing this, we hope to assist the hospitals in deciding whether to admit or send home the patients presenting with respiratory symptoms, that may indicate coronavirus infection.

As the number of coronavirus infections is still rising exponentially, it might only be a matter of time before emergency admissions, medical departments and intensive care units will be completely overcrowded with no logistic possibility to admit all patients requiring treatment. It is thus essential to be able to make quick triage decisions, now more than ever.

Even though suPAR is not related directly to COVID-19, a severe coronavirus infection is likely to elevate the suPAR level. suPAR has been investigated in several viral infections, and in all cases, elevated suPAR is associated with clinical severity and mortality. This is why suPAR can be a crucial aid in addition to the overall medical assessment, as it can help to identify which patients that could be sent home (low suPAR, mild outcome of infection) and which patients that should be admitted to the hospital for care (elevated suPAR, severe infection and high risk of mortality) – and thus provide doctors with a stronger foundation for their decision making.

We will make our products available until the situation is under control or until we run out of stock.

Click here for more information on suPAR in viral and respiratory diseases.

If you are interested in testing suPAR free of charge, please contact us as follows;

Jakob Knudsen, CEO, phone 2226 1355,
Mark da Silva, CFO, phone 6163 5600,


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