Hospital cost savings potential using suPARnostic® in the ED

The total estimated net hospital cost savings potential for is:

including the cost of suPARnostic® tests at approximately €20 per patient test ( in total*).

How do we reach this result?

A study has shown that using suPARnostic® to support triage in the emergency department can lead to 22% more discharges1.

The pre-filled data on cost per inpatient bed day (primary hospital) is based on WHO data adjusted by inflation. The pre-filled data on average hospital length-of-stay in days is based on Eurostat data for European countries or national statistics elsewhere.

The calculation is based on the following equation:

Total hospital cost savings potential = (Annual ED admissions * Average cost per inpatient bed day * Average hospital bed days per admission * Reduction in admission – (Annual ED admissions * €20 per suPARnostic® test)

In addition to 22% more discharges, the average hospital length-of-stay can be reduced by 6%2 when using suPARnostic®. To keep things simple, this is not included in the calculations.

* Excluding controls and calibrations for suPARnostic® TurbiLatex.
1 Schultz et al., Scandinavian Journal of Trauma, Resuscitation and Emergency Medicine, 2019, 27:43.
2 Schultz et al., Disease Markers, 2019, 10;1-8.

Want to re-calculate your cost savings potential?

If you want to change the values of your input or the assumptions, please use the calculator below:

Hospital cost savings using suPARnostic® to support triaging in the ED


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