Healthy lifestyles reduce suPAR and mortality, study in Immunity & Ageing shows

Thu Nov 19 2020

“Healthy lifestyles reduce suPAR and mortality in a Danish general population study”, published in Immunity and Ageing

The study explored how changing lifestyle habits affects suPAR, an inflammatory biomarker, levels and their link to mortality. Researchers analyzed suPAR levels from the Inter99 study at the start and after 5 years, relating these to diet, smoking, alcohol, and exercise habits of 3225 participants. They found that compared to those living healthily, an unhealthy diet, low exercise, and daily smoking raised 5-year suPAR levels by 5.9%, 12.8%, and 17.6%, respectively. Over 6.1 years of follow-up, 1.6% of people with low suPAR (average 2.93 ng/ml) died versus 3.8% with high suPAR (average 4.73 ng/ml), a significant difference. After adjusting for demographics and lifestyle, the risk of death increased by over two times with each doubling of 5-year suPAR levels. The study concludes that lifestyle significantly affects suPAR levels, linking unhealthy habits to a 44% increase in 5-year suPAR and a higher mortality risk, suggesting suPAR as a key marker for lifestyle impact and mortality risk.


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