Wed Feb 10 2021

“Long term prognostic value of suPAR in chronic heart failure: reclassification of patients with low MAGGIC score”, published in Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine

This new study from the French University Hospital of Montpellier explores the long-term prognostic value of suPAR in chronic heart failure and its ability to improve risk assessment for at-risk patients. Until now, c-reactive protein (CRP) has been the primary focus as an inflammatory biomarker in chronic heart failure. Yet, recent years have seen the emergence of other biomarkers like suPAR.

Researchers evaluated demographics, clinical, and biological variables in 182 patients with chronic heart failure over an average follow-up of 80 months. They analyzed inflammatory biomarkers, including CRP, sST2, and suPAR.

The study revealed that adding suPAR significantly enhanced risk classification analysis, especially for predicting short- and long-term mortality.

Findings showed that patients with a low MAGGIC score and low suPAR levels had better outcomes compared to those with low MAGGIC scores but high suPAR levels. suPAR was the only biomarker among the three studied that independently predicted mortality over 96 months in chronic heart failure patients.

The authors suggest that a combination of clinical scores, a cardiomyocyte stress biomarker, and an inflammatory biomarker like suPAR could lead to more accurate long-term risk stratification in heart failure.

Out of the three observed biomarkers, only suPAR could be independently associated with 96-month mortality for patients with chronic heart failure.

Dupuy, A.M., et al. Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine, 2021


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