Wed Feb 10 2021

“Long term prognostic value of suPAR in chronic heart failure: reclassification of patients with low MAGGIC score”, published in Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine

This brand-new study conducted at the French University Hospital of Montpellier, investigated the long-term prognostic value of suPAR and whether it adds information on chronic heart failure for patients at risk.

So far, the c-reactive protein (CRP) has been the most studied inflammatory biomarker with regards to chronic heart failure. However, several other biomarkers, such as suPAR, have emerged in recent years.

Demographics, as well as clinical and biological variables, were assessed in a total of 182 patients with chronic heart failure over a median follow-up period of 80 months. Inflammatory biomarkers (i.e., CRP, sST2, and suPAR) were performed.

The study found that the risk classification analysis was significantly improved with the addition of suPAR, particularly for short- and long-term mortality.

The authors also observed a favorable outcome associated with patients with a low MAGGIC score and a low suPAR level by comparison to patients with a low MAGGIC score but high suPAR values.

Out of the three observed biomarkers, only suPAR could be independently associated with 96-month mortality for patients with chronic heart failure.

Dupuy, A.M., et al. Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine, 2021

The authors concluded that among the three observed inflammatory biomarkers, only suPAR levels were independently associated with 96-month mortality for patients with chronic heart failure.

An algorithm based on clinical score, a cardiomyocyte stress biomarker and an inflammatory biomarker could help to a more reliable long term risk stratification in heart failure.

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