The CE/IVD marked suPARnostic® ELISA assay is a full quantifiable method.

The suPARnostic® ELISA assay is based on a simplified double monoclonal antibody sandwich ELISA* assay whereby samples and peroxidase-conjugated anti-suPAR are first mixed together and then incubated in anti-suPAR pre-coated micro wells.

The recombinant suPAR standards of the kit are calibrated against healthy human blood donor samples.
suPAR concentrations are determined as ng/mL plasma.

*For further information on the sandwich ELISA technology please visit Wikipedia



Clinical Benefits of ELISA suPARnostic®:

  • Triaging – Adds to clinical decision making, when selecting patients for admission.
  • Predicting Patient Survival – suPARnostic® beats other biomarkers as well as most used clinical scores.

suPARnostic® AUTO Flex ELISA

For clinical use – suPARnostic® AUTO Flex ELISA (Product No. E001)

flex elisa pic


Developed for clinical application in central labs
• For clinical routine - automated and manual procedures
• Modular and flexible – 12x8 strips and up to 91 single tests
• Fully quantitative results in less than 1½ hours
• Choice of 3- to 5-point standard curve for high accuracy
• Ready-to-use reagents & software tool for easy results*)

Product contains:
White Microtiter Plate with 96 conical wells for mixing samples, pre-coated anti-suPAR Microtiter Plate with break-apart wells; Quantity: 8 wells x 12 strips.
A Standard Recombinant suPAR, A Curve Control, Peroxidase-conjugated mouse anti-human suPAR in buffer, Dilution Buffer PBS buffer, pH 7.4, Sealing Tape, Empty Plastic Bottle.
Everything Ready to Use.

  • CE-IVD certified
  • Well-proven platform for accurate tests results 
  • Time-to-Result 1½ hours 
  • Everything Ready to Use
  • Software to easily calculate results



  • Faster patient prognosis than with the risk scores 
  • Aid for prioritizing patients with unclear signs and history
  • Simple to perform prognostic addition to current triaging procedures
  • Easy for the laboratory to implement
  • Well documented with more than 500 publications in Pub Med


Product Code

Product no. E001: suPARnostic® AUTO Flex ELISA kit with 41-91 tests


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