The biomarker suPAR and endocrinology

TThe suPAR level is elevated in individuals who develop type 2 diabetes later in life. suPAR is elevated in type 1 diabetes and is strongly associated with the development of diabetes complications

  • Incidence of type 2 diabetes1,2
  • Incidence and duration of type 1 diabetes3
  • Type 1 diabetes complications3-4

In a Danish cohort of healthy individuals, significantly higher suPAR values were found in those who developed type 2 diabetes1. In the group of middle-aged non-smokers, the risk of developing diabetes was significantly higher in individuals with a high suPAR level than those with a low suPAR level. The increased risk remained following adjustment for fasting blood glucose, age, sex, and insulin levels. A similar risk was found in the elderly1.

Similarly, among overweight individuals (BMI 25-30) with impaired glucose tolerance and a high suPAR level, an increased risk of developing diabetes is observed2.

people with type 1 diabetes, suPAR is strongly associated with the development of diabetes complications. In a study published in Diabetes Care (2019), 36 out of 37 patients that developed the end-stage renal disease within the 6-year follow-up period were in the highest suPAR quartile. Patients in the two lowest suPAR quartiles seemed to be protected against developing renal complications3. A low suPAR level was also protective against a decline in GFR ≥30%, cardiovascular disease and mortality3,4.

“suPAR is an early predictive marker for complications in type 1 diabetes … and is a potent risk factor in prediction of cardiovascular and renal diseases”

Viktor Rotbain Curovic,
Dr. MD, Steno Diabetes Center Copenhagen, Denmark
suPAR News Vol. 2, Sept. 2019

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3. Theilade S, Lyngbaek S, Hansen TW, et al. Soluble urokinase plasminogen activator receptor levels are elevated and associated with complications in patients with type 1 diabetes. J Intern Med 2015;277
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