By: Julio Ajenjo García, ViroGates

Hospital General Universitario Santa Lucía is located in the city of Cartagena in the Murcia Region on the Spanish Mediterranean coast. It is a 667-bed hospital which serves as a reference hospital in this region with an uptake of approx. 300,000 people.

On June 23, the hospital decided to incorporate suPAR into its portfolio of services. The biomarker will be used to risk stratify patients treated in the Emergency Department for acute pathologies including patients suspected for having a COVID-19 infection.

suPAR is measured on the Core Labs’ cobas c501 system from Roche Diagnostics.

All work related to the technical and clinical implementation of suPAR at Hospital General Universitario Santa Lucía has been directed by Head of the Clinical Analysis Service Dra. María Dolores Albaladejo Otón and Dr. Luis García de Guadiana Romualdo, specialist in the Clinical Analysis Area.

Hospital General Universitario Santa Lucía is the second Spanish hospital in the last three months to add suPAR to its clinical routine program.