suPARnostic® ELISA

The CE/IVD marked suPARnostic® ELISA assay is a full quantifiable method.

ELISA assay is based on a simplified double monoclonal antibody

The suPARnostic® ELISA assay is based on a simplified double monoclonal antibody sandwich ELISA assay whereby samples and peroxidase-conjugated anti-suPAR are first mixed and then incubated in anti-suPAR precoated microwells.

The recombinant suPAR standards of the kit are calibrated against healthy human blood donor samples. The suPAR concentrations are determined as ng/mL plasma.

Clinical benefits of ELISA suPARnostic®:

  • Identification of patients who can be safely discharged after treatment
  • Helps to prioritize patients and reduce Emergency Department crowding
  • Add to clinical decisions
  • Identification of high-risk patients with unaffected vital signs

ELISA assay is based on a simplified double monoclonal antibodyOverview

The suPARnostic® AUTO Flex ELISA kit is CE-IVD certified. It provides fully quantitative results in less than 1½ hours. The kit contains easy-to-use reagents and is flexible with 12×8 strips where up to 91 single samples can be measured on one plate.

Product contains

  • A 96 white Microtiter Plate with 96 wells
  • A pre-coated anti-suPAR 96 wells Microtiter Plate with break-apart wells
  • Standards
  • A Curve Control
  • Peroxidase conjugate
  • Dilution Buffer
  • TMB Solution
  • Wash Buffer
  • Stop Solution
  • Sealing Tape
  • Empty Plastic Bottle


  • Addition of prognostic information to current triaging procedures
  • Aid for prioritizing patients with unclear signs and history
  • Simple to perform
  • Easy to implement at the laboratory
  • Well documented with more than 700 publications

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Product no. E001: suPARnostic® AUTO Flex ELISA kit for 41-91 tests

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