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suPARnostic® ELISA

The CE/IVD marked suPARnostic® ELISA assay is a full quantifiable method.

The suPARnostic® ELISA assay is based on a simplified double monoclonal antibody sandwich ELISA* assay whereby samples and peroxidase-conjugated anti-suPAR are first mixed together and then incubated in anti-suPAR pre-coated microwells.

The recombinant suPAR standards of the kit are calibrated against healthy human blood donor samples.
suPAR concentrations are determined as ng/mL plasma.

*For further information on the sandwich ELISA technology please visit Wikipedia

Clinical Benefits of ELISA suPARnostic®:

  • Triaging – Adds to clinical decision making, when selecting patients for admission.
  • Predicting Patient Survival – suPARnostic® beats other biomarkers as well as most used clinical scores.


The suPARnostic® AUTO Flex ELISA kit is developed for clinical application in central labs. The kit is CE-IVD certified and flexible with 12×8 strips and up to 91 single tests on one plate. It provides fully quantitative results in less than 1½ hours. the kit contains easy-to-use reagents & software tool for easy data treament.

Product contains

A white Microtiter Plate with 96 conical wells for mixing samples
A pre-coated anti-suPAR 96 wells Microtiter Plate with break-apart wells (8 wells x 12 strips)
5 Standard Recombinant suPAR samples
A Curve Control
200 x concentrate Peroxidase-conjugated mouse anti-human suPAR in buffer
Dilution Buffer PBS buffer, pH 7.4,
TMB Solution 3, 3’, 5, 5’-tetramethylbenzidine
Wash Buffer 10 x concentration of buffer solution
Stop Solution 0.45 M suphuric acid (H2SO4)
Sealing Tape
Empty Plastic Bottle


Faster patient prognosis than with the risk scores
Aid for prioritizing patients with unclear signs and history
Simple to perform prognostic addition to current triaging procedures
Easy for the laboratory to implement
Well documented with more than 500 publications in Pub Med

Product Code

Product no. E001: suPARnostic® AUTO Flex ELISA kit with 41-91 tests

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suPARnostic Package Insert
Results Calculation Tool 

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published suPAR studies in leading medical journals

The suPARnostic® brand consists of the following 3 products:

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Quick Triage

A Point of Care Solution

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For Automated Systems

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Clinical and Research

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