suPARnostic® Measures suPAR

suPAR is a novel biomarker test for triage in the emergency departments handling acutely ill patients, where suPAR can act as a master alarm for patients who are at risk of non-survival. The suPARnostic® test can help with triage admission management and monitoring for patient survival.

With more than 500 published studies on suPARnostic® it is clearly established that the suPARnostic® level of an individual can be usefully applied as an indicator for patient survival and as a prioritisation tool.

Numerous published research studies show that with a suPARnostic® measurement between 0.1 to 4.0 ng/mL, a patient can be considered healthy, with no challenges to the immune system and no signs or symptoms of an opportunistic infection or inflammation.

At suPARnostic® measurements between 4.0 and 9.0 ng/mL, a patient’s immune system can be considered ‘negatively activated’ (by non-specific challenge), indicating a potential infection or high level of inflammation. In this case, the patient should be referred for further testing, as his/her condition will likely worsen to a possible critical infection or condition.

Finally, suPARnostic® measurements of 9.0 ng/mL to double digit levels can indicate a serious illness that is progressing rapidly to a critical situation. Patients with suPARnostic® levels above 15 ng/mL might generally be too sick to present themselves to clinics by their own strength. At this level the risk of mortality is very high.