suPARnostic® POC+

The suPARnostic ® POC+ product is a point-of-care finger prick test

It detects the level of suPAR in the blood. That makes the device useful in acute care and pre-hospital settings.

This product has full CE-IVD accreditation for use in professional healthcare settings to identify inflammation and immune activation.

The suPARnostic® POC+ is based on the GENSPEED technology that allows quick and fully automated processing of finger prick blood samples. The test takes approximately 20 minutes.

suPARnostic® POC+


The suPARnostic® POC+ is an in vitro diagnostic test for quantifying human soluble urokinase Plasminogen Activator Receptor (suPAR) in human capillary finger prick blood and EDTA plasma samples.

The test utilises monoclonal antibodies against human suPAR to measure the levels in human blood samples.

suPARnostic® POC+

The suPARnostic POC+ test is preformed automatically by the GENSPEED R2 Analyzer. The suPARnostic® Report Software evaluates the signals and generates a report.

It is intended to aid in the detection and evaluation of immune activation.

Product contains

This kit contains ready-to-use reagents sufficient to perform 25 tests (* single use only):

  • 27 x suPARnostic® POC+ Safety Lancet
  • 27 x suPARnostic® POC+ Minivette® 50E
  • 25 x suPARnostic® POC+ Solution D
  • 27 x suPARnostic® POC+ Filter Dropper
  • 25 x suPARnostic® POC+ Test Chip
  • 1 x suPARnostic® POC+ Cartridge
  • 27 x suPARnostic® POC+ Alcoholic Wipe
  • 1 x Graphic Instructions for Use


  • First product for quantification of suPAR in finger prick blood
  • Supports triage decisions in conjunction with clinical findings and other laboratory tests
  • Integrated controlsto ensurethat test is preformed correctly.

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Product no. : suPARnostic® POC+

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