Wed Feb 17 2021

The Salamanca University Assistance Complex, one of Spain’s pioneering hospitals, has added suPAR to its test catalog. They’ve been utilizing this marker since the end of last year to enhance triage by identifying patients who require immediate hospitalization from those safe for discharge. Since October 13, suPAR analysis has been operational on a Roche Cobas 501 analyzer in the Emergency Laboratory of the Central Laboratory.

Laboratory and ER staff share insights from their brief yet impactful experience with suPAR:

Dra. Aldegunde (Urgency Laboratory) mentions, “We’ve used suPAR since 2019, pre-COVID, and made it widely available in October 2020. Initially, our focus was on COVID patients, peaking at 20 measurements a day during the second wave, now averaging 5-7. The technique is straightforward and quick, with the Cobas 501 delivering results in under 15 minutes.”

Dr. Arévalo (Urgency dept) observes, “Continuous data collection has led to valuable insights. There’s a clear link between suPAR levels and patient outcomes, particularly aligning with CRP levels. Notably, higher suPAR levels correlate with severe cases and fatalities. suPAR has become instrumental in identifying patients at greater risk.”

Dr. Borrás (Chief of Urgency Dept) recalls, “A notable case involved a 91-year-old asymptomatic COVID-positive patient with a suPAR level of 25. Despite other normal parameters, her prognosis appeared poor. Indeed, she rapidly deteriorated and passed away within days.”

Dr. Moyano (Chief of Unit Laboratory Coordinator) states, “Incorporating suPAR into our tests has fulfilled our mission to enhance patient care. This includes fostering clinical dialogue and introducing new, quality analytical techniques.”

Dr. Borrás (Chief of Urgency Dept): “I remember a 91-year-old patient, the family of a former resident, who arrived at the hospital with a positive Covid test but without symptoms. When taking analytics we found a suPAR of 25, the rest of the parameters were not significant. The former resident asked me what my opinion was and I told him that she had a bad prognosis. After 48 hours he came to my office to tell me that the patient had deteriorated rapidly and that she was very serious. The next day she passed away.”

Dr. Moyano (Chief of Unit Laboratory Coordinator): “From the Clinical Laboratory, with the implementation of suPAR in our Service Portfolio, we are satisfied to have been able to complete one of our missions (PCTC) based on the improvement of patient care, with the Clinical Dialogue with the Health Doctors and the implementation of new Analytical Techniques with Quality criteria.”

“We have been able to verify a clear relationship between suPAR and patient prognosis and also a good relationship with other biomarkers, especially CRP. We are struck, although it was to be expected, by the high levels of suPAR among the most serious patients and the deceased.”

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