Wed Aug 18 2021

suPAR Thresholds (⩽4, 4-6, ⩾6 ng/mL) Forecast Mechanical Ventilation and Mortality Risks in COVID-19 Patients

mechanical ventilation and mortality

This study explored how plasma suPAR levels—categorized into three groups: ⩽4, 4-6, and ⩾6 ng/mL—affect the risk of 14-day mortality and the need for mechanical ventilation among patients positive for SARS-CoV-2. Conducted at Amager and Hvidovre Hospital’s Department of Emergency Medicine in Denmark from March 19 to April 3, 2020, researchers observed 386 patients displaying COVID-19 symptoms. They discovered that suPAR levels serve as a predictive marker for both mortality and mechanical ventilation necessity. To further support these findings, researchers conducted a validation study with a similarly sized cohort of COVID-19 patients at Mikkeli Central Hospital in Finland.
The results indicate that COVID-19 patients with suPAR levels at ⩽4 or ⩾6 ng/mL face respectively lower or higher risks of requiring mechanical ventilation or facing mortality.

Other studies supporting this cut-off

1: Santeri Seppälä, Andreas Peter Andersen, Kristiina Nyyssönen et al. suPAR Cut-offs for Stratification of Low, Medium, and High-risk Acute Medical Patients in the Emergency Department, 26 May 2021, PREPRINT (Version 1) available at Research Square.
2: Altintas, I., Eugen-Olsen, J., Seppälä, S., Tingleff, J., Stauning, M. A., El Caidi, N. O., Elmajdoubi, S., Gamst-Jensen, H., Lindstrøm, M. B., Rasmussen, L. J. H., Kristiansen, K. T., Rasmussen, C., Nehlin, J. O., Kallemose, T., Hyppölä, H., & Andersen, O. (2021). suPAR Cut-Offs for Risk Stratification in Patients With Symptoms of COVID-19. Biomarker Insights. 


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